A message from the president, Gorm Damborg

After many years serving the Insurance industry and doing fire and flood restoration work in the late seventies and early eighties, it became apparent to me that something was amiss in the condominium market: we had numerous repeat calls to complete interior repairs related to water ingress. Clearly the initial attempts at solving the problems were not all working properly.

Admittedly few owners or builders in the industry were aware of the scope and systemic nature of the building failures initially, but by the time Ocean West was incorporated in 1989 we were already providing video taped proof of this; some were used by an engineering firm to alert the city planners, and others were used by the news media in their coverage.
It was my belief then, as now, that the ethical building practices, truthfulness and honesty should be the foundation of any enterprise; our steady growth over the intervening years has happily proven that to be a successful recipe. By not just paying lip service to high ideals but actually treating our employees with dignity and providing training and ensuring their safety, we have kept the majority of our workforce for very long periods: some have worked for me directly for over thirty years and many for over two decades. This continuity ensures that the company core values are continuously translated to our clients and customers; we are still serving most of the Property managers and Engineers that we knew at incorporation in 1989.
A successful construction company must also rely on quality sub-trades; by treating them as we do our own people and by always paying our invoices on time we get superior response, even in extremely busy times as we have recently encountered. The end result of this sincere effort by management to provide a workforce proud to be associated with ocean West and quality sub-trades work, is a high level of customer satisfaction.